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Legal Disclaimer

Disclaimer TheX Protocol is not responsible for system security failures and hacking incidents that occur on its platforms during the services and Presale period, unless they are caused by its own gross negligence. Users shall file material and moral claims against the persons who have harmed them for these damages (disrupting system security, hacking, theft/fraud, etc.). TheX Protocol will provide the necessary support to the judicial authorities in these cases. Users shall use TheX Protocol services in accordance with the account security guidelines and general cyber security standards of TheX Protocol and its collaborating organisations and declare that they will protect themselves, other users and TheX Protocol's rights. TheX Protocol shall not be liable for damages that are not TheX Protocol's fault. Each user is also responsible for taking general cyber security protective measures, protecting their passwords, keeping their devices free of viruses, etc. TheX Protocol will proceed in maximum compliance with the matters specified in its services and platforms and texts (legal texts, whitepapers, roadmaps, etc.). In addition, these information texts cannot be considered as a contract for TheX Protocol. TheX Protocol does not guarantee the value of the Presale. Users assume the risks in the Presale themselves. Users are deemed to have the necessary knowledge of the blockchain and undertake to participate in the Presale and to be financially literate. TheX Protocol is liable to users for any damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence. The Platform is not your broker, lawyer, agent or consultant. TheX Protocol shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the users, except for the works and transactions contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 and International Law, and the users assume all risks regarding the project assets and values. In addition, users accept that they will take cyber security measures in 3rd party tools / services they use within the scope of TheX Protocol services and platforms and that these services / tools are in accordance with the law and fully compliant in terms of cyber security. Users and / or 3rd parties will be responsible for any damages arising from this. These provisions will continue after the end of the contract. Users use Presale and TheX Protocol services in accordance with the law and assume all legal and criminal responsibilities.
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