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TXP - AI-Powered WEB3 Wizard

What is Web3 Wizard - TheX Protocol?
TheX Protocol helps businesses overcome technical challenges they face during their transition to the Web3 world. With the unique Web3 Wizard tool provided by TheX Protocol, businesses, or individuals can easily create customized business models and step into the Web3 world. The advanced solutions provided by TXP allow businesses to seamlessly transition to blockchain technology usage without any knowledge or previous experience. The features provided by TheX Protocol allow businesses to differentiate themselves in the Web3 world. By using Web3 technologies such as smart contracts, distributed applications, and decentralized financial transactions, businesses can provide better and more reliable services for their customers. The goal of TXP is to facilitate businesses' transition to the Web3 world and increase adoption of Web3 to create more opportunities in the global market.
How does it work?
TheX Protocol follows a systematic approach to handle user transactions. Once registered, users enter details about their industry and business model through the TX-Identifier. This data is then utilized to develop a customized dashboard and infrastructure that cater to the unique needs of each user. By utilizing the TX-Identifier, TheX Protocol provides users with a personalized experience that aligns with their sector and business objectives.
TheX Protocol Customizable Dashboard Within TheX Protocol, there is a range of powerful features accessible through a customizable dashboard. Designed to empower our users, these features enhance their experience and enable them to leverage the full potential of Web3 technologies.
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • NFT Creation / Upload Function
  • User / Customer / Player Data Uploading Infrastructure
  • Creating Distribution Rules
  • Asset Management
Compatibility with Blockchain Networks
TheX Protocol, with its modular Blockchain Connector structure, supports all Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains that have their own "Virtual Machine".
Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrium, Optimism, Fantom, Tron, Polygon
Upcoming Supported Blockchains
Solana, Polkadot, Sui, Tezos, Aptos, Near, Algorand
TheX Protocol's mission and vision are to provide users with the ability to create their own smart contracts without the need for technical expertise by working in compatibility with the virtual machines of all blockchain networks. The virtual machine is an essential tool for blockchain projects to create smart contracts. By working compatibly with the virtual machines of blockchain networks, TheX Protocol facilitates the development of smart contracts for users through this tool, resulting in faster and more efficient transactions and maximizing the benefits of blockchain technology.
Targeted (potential) users of TheX Protocol - Web3 Wizard The AI-Powered Web 3 Wizard is specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses aiming to harness the potential of Web3 technology. With thousands of new businesses emerging daily. This innovative solution caters to the growing demand for seamless adoption of decentralized technologies. By providing a user-friendly interface and powerful AI-driven tools, the Web 3 Wizard empowers these ventures to effortlessly embrace Web3 and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the decentralized ecosystem.