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TGE/TBE - Building a Transparent and Trustworthy Token Economy

Our Approach to Token Generation and Circulation
Within our token ecosystem, we implement a comprehensive approach to token generation and circulation. We conduct Token Generation Events (TGEs) and Token Burn Events (TBEs) to maintain a balanced supply and foster economic trust within our community. Transparency is key, as we keep our community informed about token generation events and announce the burning of unsold seed/presale tokens through dedicated channels such as our information section and Medium publications.
Specifically, for TGE1, the seed sale supply has been fully allocated, while any remaining tokens from the presale and airdrop will be subject to a burn event. This crucial information will be presented in a meticulously crafted Medium article, emphasizing our commitment to accountability and responsible token management.
Furthermore, we acknowledge the possibility of minting additional supply on TGE1 from alternative categories, contingent upon specific conditions, such as the participation of private sale investors. Maximum minting limits for these categories will be clearly defined, ensuring a controlled circulation of tokens and cultivating a robust and logical total supply structure.
Our overarching objective is to establish a token economy that exudes integrity and inspires confidence among participants, achieved through a thoughtful and prudent approach to token generation and circulation.
Additionally, we want to highlight that at the end of each Presale Phase and after the presale has ended, quarterly token-burning events will be organized. These events aim to maintain a reasonable circulation of tokens and enhance their value when necessary. By reducing the token supply through burning, we create scarcity and promote a healthier token economy.
We are committed to building a sustainable and prosperous token ecosystem where transparency, accountability, and responsible token management are at the core. Through our ongoing efforts and regular communication, we ensure that our community is well-informed and confident in the token generation and circulation processes.
Should you have any further questions or require more information, please refer to our dedicated information section and stay tuned for updates on our Medium publications.