TheX Protocol
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TheX Academy System

The Academy System within TheX Protocol offers registered users the opportunity to bring their learnings to life without the need for technical knowledge or coding. It provides comprehensive pre-registration and post-registration support to companies, enabling them to effectively utilize the Web3 Protocol.
As the Web3 sector continues to emerge, not every business possesses the desired level of knowledge. TheX Academy aims to demonstrate and exemplify that communities, teams, startups, and projects can develop their business models with Web3 without the need for coding expertise. Projects and companies that register with the Academy System receive continuous monitoring to ensure they stay on the right track and gain valuable insights throughout their journey.
Moreover, community members can take advantage of community codes, which provide them with discounts or in-system credits when registering with TheX Protocol.
Objectives of the Academy System
Web3 technology offers numerous conveniences for businesses and projects. However, the complexity of the industry's knowledge has turned it into a labyrinth. TheX Academy addresses this challenge by providing customized training programs and expert consulting services. This empowers users with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of Web3 technologies.
As part of its mission, TheX Academy ensures that projects utilizing the protocol learn Web3 according to their business models, enabling them to gain the necessary knowledge without the need for external guidance.
Additionally, TheX Academy offers a simplified knowledge base on Web3, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts within the protocol, facilitating a better understanding of these concepts.