🌱$TXP - Token Generation Event in Detail

The following information provides a comprehensive overview of the TGEs of our project, TheX Protocol (TXP). Please note that all plans and details mentioned here have been shared transparently through official communication channels, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Token Generation Event (TGE):

Token Generation Event, commonly referred to as TGE, represents the carefully planned distribution process of TXP tokens within the framework of our token economics and ecosystem strategies. We have designed TGE for TXP tokens across 10 different categories. These plans have been shared openly with the press and TheX Protocol community through official communication channels, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

The primary objective of the TGE is to regulate the distribution of TXP tokens while strategically supporting our project goals. By implementing a diverse range of token distribution strategies across various categories, we aim to foster the success and growth of our project.

Authorized Wallets of the Contract:

Ensuring the utmost security for our TXP Smart Contract is of paramount importance to us. To achieve maximum security, we have implemented a robust protocol that involves three different owners in three distinct stages.

  1. TXP Contract Owner: 0xaEc0a609DF3F0b8DC7a1B966Eb67DB773363f6F0

The TXP Contract Owner plays a crucial role in managing the TXP Smart Contract. It has the authority to determine the Mint and Burn Owners. However, it is important to note that the TXP Contract Owner is restricted from performing any Mint or Burn actions themselves. Their primary responsibility lies in overseeing and administrating the smart contract.

  1. TXP Mint Owner: 0x4b337D00e0e23A25ea92aE0Dbc4e07DBadbF046e

The TXP Mint Owner is the sole wallet with the privilege to perform Mint actions on the TXP Smart Contract. However, it is essential to emphasize that the Mint Owner does not possess the authority to modify any authorizations or perform Burn actions on the smart contract. Their role is limited to the Minting process.

  1. TXP Burn Owner: 0x90220c71dbF16f7a4EdF89171eD200A3276B8B05

The TXP Burn Owner is the exclusive wallet designated with the ability to execute Burn actions on the TXP Smart Contract. Similar to the Mint Owner, the Burn Owner lacks the authority to modify any authorizations or perform Mint actions on the smart contract. Their sole focus is on the Burn process.

  1. $TXP Distribution Wallet: 0xD4A554360CCC5b372B60Cce4C1bEFcf103a6e9eA

The $TXP Distribution Wallet acts as the designated wallet address for all $TXP token distributions. Its primary role is to facilitate the smooth transfer of tokens to their intended recipients based on their respective categories.

Here’s how the process works: The Mint Owner generates the tokens by minting them within the specific category. Subsequently, the wallet associated with that category sends the required amount of tokens to the distribution wallet. Once the distribution wallet receives the tokens, it carefully labels and identifies them according to the appropriate specifications. Finally, the distribution wallet proceeds to send the tokens to their designated recipients.

This method ensures that the token distribution process is carried out securely and in a controlled manner. Each token transfer is meticulously labeled and recorded, guaranteeing accuracy and transparency. By implementing this distribution process, the $TXP tokens are distributed in an organized and secure manner, reaching the intended recipients effectively.

Functions and Addresses of the Authorized Wallets

Wallets Assigned for Token Distribution in the Token Economy

TGE Phase 1 Initial Mint Plan

During TGE Phase 1, initially, 282,000,000 $TXP tokens will be minted, representing 5.64% of the total token supply of 5,000,000,000 $TXP

-Any $TXP tokens that remain unsold or undistributed will be burned as part of the TBE Phase 1 process.

In addition, if there is a need during TGE Phase 1: For categories such as TEAM, COMMUNITY, MARKETING, VENTURE ROUNDS, and TXP PRE-LISTING (CEX/DEX) SALE, we may mint up to 136,900,000 $TXP tokens (2.74%) if necessary. However, please note that this minting is not mandatory and will only occur if there is a genuine requirement.

We will provide official announcements through our official channels at least 3 days before any minting takes place.

TGE Phase 1 Initial Mint Plan Schema

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