TheX Protocol
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TXP Staking System

Staking in the TheX Protocol: Earn rewards and participate in governance by locking and contributing your tokens to secure the network.
TheX Protocol's staking system is divided into 3 different stages, which have been developed under the algorithm diagram below.
TheX Protocol staking system allows users to stake their TXP Tokens.
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    TXP Staking System: This is a system designed to provide passive income to investors who hold TXP in their wallets and to maintain the stability of the TXP price. The TXP staking system is divided into 3 different stages, and a different TXP supply and stage APY rate is determined for each stage.
  2. 2.
    Staking Reward Pools: Staking reward pools are where TXP staking rewards are held, and investors can view these pools via the dashboard. The staking pools are distributed according to Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. The TXP that investors earn by staking is distributed from these pools.
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    Staking Controller System: This is a control system that identifies users who are eligible for staking rewards, directs rewards, and tags staking users.
-User Wallet: This is the wallet that the user has defined within the system.