TheX Protocol
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TXP Token

TXP Token serves as the native token of TheX Protocol ecosystem, and it is hosted on the BNB Smart Chain network. Our token operates seamlessly on the BNB Smart Chain using the BEP-20 and ERC-20 interfaces and classes.
  • Utility of the TXP Token
The TXP token offers a wide range of use cases within the Web3 ecosystem.
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    Payment Method within the Web3 Ecosystem: The TXP token serves as the native currency for transactions within the Web3 ecosystem. It can be used on the Web3 Wizard platform, allowing users to make payments using credit cards or cryptocurrencies. By integrating the TXP token, projects created on Web3 Wizard can expand their user base and offer payment support within their projects.
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    Community-Driven: TXP is utilized as an active token in the Web3 and blockchain communities, enabling access to products and projects within the TheX Protocol ecosystem and affiliated communities.
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    Trade: Users can engage in buying and selling TXP tokens on various exchanges, facilitating trade and liquidity within the ecosystem.
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    Web 2TO3 Plugin: Enhance Web2 Marketplaces with Web3 Support: The 2TO3 Plugin, part of TheX Protocol, provides Web3 support and connections to Web2 marketplaces. By leveraging this plugin, businesses can access a larger customer base and increase their trade volume. The TXP token can be used within the 2TO3 Plugin for these transactions.
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    TXP Ecosystem: TheX Protocol encompasses multiple partnerships and agreements. TXP token holders can benefit from using the products of projects that partner with TheX Protocol and leverage their ecosystems.
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    X-Chain Node: Ensure Security, Speed, and Coordination with TXP: Users holding sufficient TXP tokens in their wallets can contribute to the validation of blocks and dissemination of information on TheX-Chain, increasing their TXP holdings while enhancing X-Chain's security, speed, and coordination.
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    Staking: TXP token holders have the opportunity to participate in the staking system and earn passive income by staking their tokens.
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    TXP DAO: The TXP token can be used within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) associated with TheX Protocol, allowing token holders to participate in governance processes and influence decision-making within the ecosystem.