Staking For Pre-Sale Investors

A Simple Guide for Investors

Introduction: Welcome to the rewarding world of staking with TheX Protocol. Designed to optimize returns for our valued investors, here's a consolidated guide to ensure a smooth staking experience.

  1. Essential Setup:

  • Device: Ensure you're using a computer.

  • Browser: Use a browser with the MetaMask extension installed.

  1. Access & Action:

  • Login: Access the TXP Dashboard using your investment account credentials.

  • Initiate Staking: Navigate to the staking section and start the process with your TXP Tokens.

  1. Wallet Verification:

  • Ensure the wallet address in MetaMask is set to the BSC network, and it matches the address listed on your dashboard.

  1. Staking Choices:

  • Amount: There's flexibility in how many TXP Tokens you stake - no set limits.

  • Duration & APY: Customize your staking experience:


APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

30 Days


60 Days


180 Days


Choose the duration that aligns with your investment aspirations.

  1. Claiming Rewards:

  • Navigate to the 'Stake' section post your staking period's conclusion.

  • Click on 'Get Rewards' to retrieve your earnings.

  • Note: Due to the nature of blockchain processing, expect a possible 12-24 hour delay before the rewards reflect in your balance.

  1. Special Notes:

  • Traffic Delays: In cases of high traffic or system congestion, try again later for optimal results.

  • Device Restrictions: Remember, staking is possible only on a computer.

  • Presale Users: Those who participated in the Presale have exclusive access to the initial staking phases.

  1. Warnings:

  • Transferring TXP Tokens to another wallet during staking nullifies your participation. Ensure they remain in the designated wallet throughout.

Conclusion: Staking with TheX Protocol presents an excellent opportunity to grow your investments. By following the above guidelines and understanding the provided terms, you can capitalize on TheX Protocol's offerings to the fullest. Your trust in our vision drives us to deliver better!

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